Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dinner Time

I'm going to give a little background about why this particular subject is so important to me.

When we first got married we lived in a series of tiny apartments in various stages of "quaintness".  In the first two there really wasn't a place to put a kitchen table.  And so we mostly ate in the "kitchen" or on the couch.  Our third apartment had a little (very little) nook... but at this point we weren't used to eating at the table so it didn't happen very often.  The other problem we had was that we hardly ever saw each other those first few years.  Between full time school and full time jobs and then a baby and study time... there was very little overlap. 

Then we got a "real job," finished school and moved in with grandpa while our house was being built.  Grandpas kitchen table was always COVERED in stuff.  So we ate together at the counter.  This seemed fine.  We were all together so what did it matter right?  This tradition carried over to our new home and we continued to eat at the counter most of the time.

A few months ago I was thinking about our meal times.  Growing up I'm sure you remember one of us set the table every night and someone cleared.  We all knew about how to set a table from grandmothers "influence." lol!  My kids knew nothing of the sort.  I did all the work surrounding dinner time and it was kind of chaotic.  I wanted to find a way to get the kids involved, make it fun and teach them about setting a table.

So I set out on Etsy... and found these!  Each of us has a different one.  And every night lately, usually Addy but sometimes someone else, sets the table and someone else clears.  Dinner is a lot more calm.  We talk more.  No one seems so rushed to get up and go. (unless I cook food they don't want to eat.)  I even think we eat healthier because seeing it all laid out on the table reminds me if I have forgotten a veggie or something.
Its not the most beautiful table setting.  ;)  But I'm finding that it is working for our family.  So as part of the eating goal I have been doing this too... bringing us back to the table! 
 Love you all!  What are you doing? 


  1. I love this! Sitting at the table has been an on again off again struggle for us as well. We started doing a lot better this year and I found it's made all the difference. That being said, now that we're homeless for a while we've kind of gotten back into our old habits. This has inspired me!

  2. Great post! Your dad and I have developed a bad habit of eating in the living room and the table is quite often, like now, piled with things. Great reminder. I always think about Grandma Bair and how they always eat at the table, with the table set. I don't ever remember eating anywhere except at the table. What a great mom I have. Love you mom! Thanks for making family meals such an important part of our lives. Not only did you make wonderful meals, but many wonderful memories. I think I'll clean off the table! Love you all. Can't wait to sit together at the table with all of you for a meal. To me, that is heaven!