Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time for the Temple

As part of involving The Lord every day we set a date on the calendar... The same each month and decided that is temple day.  We were so good about going when the temple was far away.  For 2 years we would plan ahead to make the 3 hour drive to Logan or the drive to Boise EVERY month.  But as soon as the temple was built here we got lazy.

When our Thursday rolled around I almost scratched it since it was such a crazy day... But in the end we went.  EVERYTHING went wrong... Including james showing up in a plaid shirt and jeans thinking I was bringing his church clothes... And me forgetting to change my shoes before heading out the door and wearing house slippers.  (Luckily it was a long dress)  but we made it and they seemed happy to have us there. And I'm soooo glad we did!

I remember when I went through for the first time, it was the old way of doing the initiatory... Which I miss by the way.  The promises are so sweet.  I remember as they bessed me that I would be fruitful etc. that I had this overwhelming feeling of peace and confirmation that I WOULD bear children and be a mother. And as I went through the initiatory again for someone else, carrying another sweet, hard fought for spirit inside of me, I remembered that feeling and the peace I had felt then.  I felt such overwhelming gratitude to a loving father in heaven.  He didn't have to give me that moment of reassurance. He could have left me to my faith and tested me even further than I have been.

If I had let my day get in the way and not gone to the temple that night, I wouldn't have had that experience.  I love you and hope you can make the time too!  There are so many special experiences waiting for us all.  :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Life as we know it...

Well... it appears as though it's "my turn" to write.  I've been busy.  I've been slacking.  My "Chelsea movement" goals haven't been touched.  This weekend I got to go out to the desert and ride around.  While I was riding I started thinking about all the things I say I want to do, or that I'm going to do and then never do them.  Besides the whole getting dirty thing, I love to go out and ride because it really gives you a lot of time to think and take in the natual beauties life has to offer.  So I decided to start small and focus on my getting fit goal.  I don't do much in the mornings and so I need to motivate myself to not sleep the day away before work and go do some exercise.  For now I'm going to aim for 3 days a week.  Here's one of my favorite pictures from the weekend!  Love you ladies!