Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time for the Temple

As part of involving The Lord every day we set a date on the calendar... The same each month and decided that is temple day.  We were so good about going when the temple was far away.  For 2 years we would plan ahead to make the 3 hour drive to Logan or the drive to Boise EVERY month.  But as soon as the temple was built here we got lazy.

When our Thursday rolled around I almost scratched it since it was such a crazy day... But in the end we went.  EVERYTHING went wrong... Including james showing up in a plaid shirt and jeans thinking I was bringing his church clothes... And me forgetting to change my shoes before heading out the door and wearing house slippers.  (Luckily it was a long dress)  but we made it and they seemed happy to have us there. And I'm soooo glad we did!

I remember when I went through for the first time, it was the old way of doing the initiatory... Which I miss by the way.  The promises are so sweet.  I remember as they bessed me that I would be fruitful etc. that I had this overwhelming feeling of peace and confirmation that I WOULD bear children and be a mother. And as I went through the initiatory again for someone else, carrying another sweet, hard fought for spirit inside of me, I remembered that feeling and the peace I had felt then.  I felt such overwhelming gratitude to a loving father in heaven.  He didn't have to give me that moment of reassurance. He could have left me to my faith and tested me even further than I have been.

If I had let my day get in the way and not gone to the temple that night, I wouldn't have had that experience.  I love you and hope you can make the time too!  There are so many special experiences waiting for us all.  :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Life as we know it...

Well... it appears as though it's "my turn" to write.  I've been busy.  I've been slacking.  My "Chelsea movement" goals haven't been touched.  This weekend I got to go out to the desert and ride around.  While I was riding I started thinking about all the things I say I want to do, or that I'm going to do and then never do them.  Besides the whole getting dirty thing, I love to go out and ride because it really gives you a lot of time to think and take in the natual beauties life has to offer.  So I decided to start small and focus on my getting fit goal.  I don't do much in the mornings and so I need to motivate myself to not sleep the day away before work and go do some exercise.  For now I'm going to aim for 3 days a week.  Here's one of my favorite pictures from the weekend!  Love you ladies!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First observe

I have sometime before I have to go to work and decided I would go back and watch some more of conference. Today I will do my best to follow Linda K. Burtons advice and "first observe then serve" and "listen with my heart so I can hear my saviors voice." I love you all and hope you are having a great day!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 1

So week 1 is over and I've got to say I was not expecting anyone to actually read my blog, I mostly just did it to motivate myself but I feel so much overwhelming support everyday and I'm glad it motivated the people I love to make some changes in their own lives.
I have been very good at eating healthy and going for at least a 1 hour run everyday as well as reading and studying my scriptures. I cant tell you how many times I have read 1 Nephi in an attempt to "read the book of Mormon" but this time seems different, I prayerfully read and study and it just make more sense. Instead of reading to finish I read to understand and I have a much better outlook on my day when it starts with a good meal and scripture reading.
I still haven't found a passion, but I do enjoy running. I don't listen to any music when I run so it gives me time to just reflect on the things that are going on and how I can improve.
Going to bed early and waking up early has been challenging, especially since most nights its impossible to be in bed before midnight because of work or having to pick up Dallen from school. But on the days that I can I do.
Dallen has yet to jump on my bandwagon and some days he is very counterproductive and I have to do everything when he is not here because he always wants to cuddle on the couch or play games or take a nap together. But that's ok :)
I love you all and I'm glad to have been blessed with such a wonderful family!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My First Blog!

Hello, my wonderful women!

This is my first blog.  I have enjoyed reading all of your blogs in the past and am amazed by your creativity and talent.  As I said in my Facebook message, I am hoping this blog can be a place where we can encourage each other and become closer as women.

You all know about my friend, Jill Worley.  Since she was basically forced to retire, we are walking together every day.  It amazes me that every day we always have things to talk about!  Another thing about Jill is that she is very talented and creative, loves to have parties and do fun things.  Jill decided to do a "Free" Craft Day at her house. 

For the craft, she used some wood we salvaged from our dumpsters and the neighborhood.  You should have seen us over by where the Pinklemans used to live trying to tear apart a dresser that had been left by the curb and loading the wood into Jill's car.  She gave me a drill but I didn't really know how to use it so I resorted to a screwdriver.  As we pulled the wood apart, roaches ran everywhere and I was jumping around like a chicken with its head cut off.  She is trying to figure out what other projects she will make from the wood.  For her having a project to work on or learning something new is essential to her happiness.  She was almost afraid to retire because she was worried she wouldn't be able to find enough things to amuse herself.  I'm glad I'm not like Jill because it sounds like alot of work, lol, but I'm glad I have a "Fun Friend" like Jill.  From my perspective (not sure how Emily feels), by using her talents of wood working and having fun, she created something special for seven women (Me, Emily, Sue Jameson, Billy Raush -- Ursula's mother, Marsha Coover, Elisa Rubio Borman, and Margie -- a new mom with, no phone and no car).  We . . .
  • were able to create a cute Halloween craft
  • had a sense of accomplishment in that we were able to complete the craft . . .  no unfinished project sitting in a box or on a shelf
  • laughed
  • made new new friendships (I heard Marsha and Margie making plans)
  • went away feeling lighter and excited at the possibility of more craft days
Emily made such a cute face on her ghost an pumpkin everyone wanted her to draw the faces on theirs.  It was fun to spend time with Emily crafting.  Little Margie was so happy to be able to get out of the house, do something creative and be with other people.  I took her to Michaels the other day for an outing.  She had never been there and as we circled the store, she started to think of things she could do.  She had her husband take her back to the store (they can borrow his brother's car on the weekends) and she got a scrapbook album and is starting to do a scrapbook for her little baby boy, Dewa.  She said, it is making her happy and excited to create. 

After Chelsea's blog, I'm working on scrapbooks again.  I'm working on the year 2000.  At least I'm in the same millenium now.  It is overwhelming sometimes how far behind I am, but I hope some day I'll finish all of your books.  I guess I'll be working on mine till I die, lol.

I love seeing all the things you are creating from play rooms, to picture frames, to Halloween costumes, to redecorating bedrooms, meals, photographs, a home from a one-bedroom apartment, gardens, outfits and hairstyles.  I remember Pres. Uchdorf's talk a few years ago at the General RS meeting and the video the church produced to go along with it, where he so beautifully expressed the joy that comes from creating.  I'm excited for Chelsea to discover her passion.  It is a discovery we all have to make for ourselves and part of the fun is the process.  Don't be afraid to try new things or to make a mistake.  I'm preaching to the choir as Emily can attest.  When it came to painting the face on my pumpkin and ghost, I was so nervous I would make a mistake and it wouldn't look as good as the sample.  With Emily's encouragement, I got over it and my faces turned out great.  Below is a picture of Emily and I with our finished projects.
I'm also attaching Pres. Uchdorf's video.  It inspires me every time I watch it.  I hope it will inspire you too.

Dinner Time

I'm going to give a little background about why this particular subject is so important to me.

When we first got married we lived in a series of tiny apartments in various stages of "quaintness".  In the first two there really wasn't a place to put a kitchen table.  And so we mostly ate in the "kitchen" or on the couch.  Our third apartment had a little (very little) nook... but at this point we weren't used to eating at the table so it didn't happen very often.  The other problem we had was that we hardly ever saw each other those first few years.  Between full time school and full time jobs and then a baby and study time... there was very little overlap. 

Then we got a "real job," finished school and moved in with grandpa while our house was being built.  Grandpas kitchen table was always COVERED in stuff.  So we ate together at the counter.  This seemed fine.  We were all together so what did it matter right?  This tradition carried over to our new home and we continued to eat at the counter most of the time.

A few months ago I was thinking about our meal times.  Growing up I'm sure you remember one of us set the table every night and someone cleared.  We all knew about how to set a table from grandmothers "influence." lol!  My kids knew nothing of the sort.  I did all the work surrounding dinner time and it was kind of chaotic.  I wanted to find a way to get the kids involved, make it fun and teach them about setting a table.

So I set out on Etsy... and found these!  Each of us has a different one.  And every night lately, usually Addy but sometimes someone else, sets the table and someone else clears.  Dinner is a lot more calm.  We talk more.  No one seems so rushed to get up and go. (unless I cook food they don't want to eat.)  I even think we eat healthier because seeing it all laid out on the table reminds me if I have forgotten a veggie or something.
Its not the most beautiful table setting.  ;)  But I'm finding that it is working for our family.  So as part of the eating goal I have been doing this too... bringing us back to the table! 
 Love you all!  What are you doing? 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Changing Our Lives One Blog Post at a Time

I'd like to thank Chelsea, Lauren, Emily and Pam for all being so inspiring in this journey to self improvement. I must admit that when I first read Chelsea's blog and everyone else's follow up I was touched, but didn't really feel a desire to jump on board. I felt pretty good about a lot of aspects of my life. The last couple days, however, I've been feeling really down and it kind of hit me that now is always the time for renewing one's commitment to a better life. We all need help with certain aspects of our life and while I haven't decided what my goals are, I'm excited to be a part of this process. So, here I am with my lovely sisters and mother in law. I hope we can all learn from each other and keep one another going as we try to improve ourselves and most likely each other in the process. I love you guys! -Amanda