Sunday, November 4, 2012

Life as we know it...

Well... it appears as though it's "my turn" to write.  I've been busy.  I've been slacking.  My "Chelsea movement" goals haven't been touched.  This weekend I got to go out to the desert and ride around.  While I was riding I started thinking about all the things I say I want to do, or that I'm going to do and then never do them.  Besides the whole getting dirty thing, I love to go out and ride because it really gives you a lot of time to think and take in the natual beauties life has to offer.  So I decided to start small and focus on my getting fit goal.  I don't do much in the mornings and so I need to motivate myself to not sleep the day away before work and go do some exercise.  For now I'm going to aim for 3 days a week.  Here's one of my favorite pictures from the weekend!  Love you ladies!

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  1. Yeah!!!!!!! A post from Emily. I loved reading your blog and knowing that you were out in nature having fun and reflecting on your goals. Life is like that sometimes. We all have many good intentions but life and the natural man/woman get in the way sometimes. I know you will be able to make progress towards your goals. If you want, I'll come and jump on your bed to wake you up :) I love you and am glad to be a witness of all the wonderful things you do. Can't wait for the next time you write and can't wait to see who is next!